Planning & Dreaming

Thoughts on the upgrades we will need before we set sail…

  • A bigger anchor – weed in the Bahamas and difficult bottoms can be mitigated by having a heavier anchor and decent snubbing. While all the literature concentrates on chain length, rope vs chain and rode ratios – properly snubbing a heavy anchor will help in tight situations.
  • arch – for dinghy and solar panels
  • watermaker – essential so that we don’t have to cart litres of fresh drinking water or be required to dock regularly for top ups.
  • dinghy- unless you are a catamaran on the beach, getting easily to and from the boat is a major deal in terms of comfort and safety . It’s your car, so a decent one improves your trip. Keel to help rowing, hard bottom, but light enough to lift,
  • petrol generator – running a diesel without load isn’t great, and modern muffled petrol generators are pretty quiet. There is a life raft locker on the transom that is outside the boat so any petrol fumes and leaks are overboard. The life raft will be on the pushpit rail.

Education will be …


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