The crossing – a kids perspective

As I wake up at ten o’clock by the darn sails (*^*)
I went up stares and what do I know I’m in the middle of the ocean
“\_ (>.<)_/”[but still see high rises] . XD who cares #nobody. I walk down stairs again and see my brother playing on my dad’s phone (+I I+). I go back to my room to get my clothes on an eat breakfast alone without my brothers annoying me #again (>_<). I mean what do they want

skip 2 hours

at lunch, we ate noodles in a pot \_/. this trip sucks I said as I ate noodles. As we finally got there with waves crashing in to us. After me and max jumped of the boat in are snorkelling gear and saw a spotted sting ray soon after that we saw a giant fish we still don’t know what it is. #giantfish

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One Response to The crossing – a kids perspective

  1. symahia says:

    the crossing (A kids perspective) (^O^) #IS NOW OUT TO READ


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