Berry Islands – shark encounters

After completing the crossing of the Grand Bahama Bank we were looking forward to finishing the day off with our first real snorkelling adventure,  a wreck located  approximately 2 kms from our destination.

Conditions were perfect, total calm, no wind and another yacht just finishing up their dive, so we geared up and headed across to the site in our dinghy.  The water was so clear, loads of fishes and small relics of a boat that had sank many years ago easily seen.  We were just about to slip into the water when a grey nurse shark swam below the dinghy.  In a matter of minutes a couple more were seen, so mission was aborted.

Since then I’ve found out that this area is full of sharks, most of whom ignore divers.  Attacks have occurred where divers are spear fishing, swimming near where fish are being cleaned and at dusk.  From now on we will avoid all these situations.

Due to strong winds we ended up spending 3 days at Bullock Harbour.  We visited the local town a couple of times (mainly to try and sort out our internet problems), had sunset drinks at Coolie Mae’s restaurant overlooking the west and met with a few local kids who befriended our boys.  Everyone is very friendly, and walking around town there were many offers of lifts if we needed.


Meeting some locals – Elvis, Elton (they love the rock stars) and friends, hanging with Max

Despite the ongoing strong winds, we decided to shift to a new anchorage.  The trip was pretty rough however we found a reasonably sheltered harbour to hang out around the corner from an island that is frequented by cruise ships.  This time we did get a snorkel in the shallows of a protected bay.  Not much of interest although it was very nice to be in the water.  Once again though, we had a visit from a local shark – this time a black-tip reef shark – fortunately  we had finished our swim by that time and where about to head back to the boat.



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5 Responses to Berry Islands – shark encounters

  1. Kerry says:

    Great reading. Love it😄


    • symahia says:

      HI, it’s amazing how hard it is to get posts up, getting the hang if it now. Loved all your Japan photos, wedding must have been wonderful!


  2. Patrick Smith says:

    That’s a great shot of Max. Ignore the reef sharks!!!


  3. Michelle strachan says:

    Hi there. Wonderful to see you all. Feel as if you have vanished . Was great to see a picture. All i can say is your all amazing and have great admiration for all of you. Look forward to hearing all about your journey. Most importantly , keep safe. Make lots of memories and fabulous stories to tell all of us. Lots of love. Michelle xx


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