Exuma marine reserve

Max is currently distraught that we have now entered a marine reserve, and no takes allowed. Shroud Cay (not great for our deep keel) then Warderick Wells. Warderick Wells is stunning, with a narrow winding channel through white sand banks, coral heads, a wreck, and a small island with paths and blowholes. There is no phone or wifi, no shops, but there are KIDS! The first kid meeting started well but didn’t end so well after a play fight fight escalated, and the girl smashed the boys. Exploring their catamaran left us uncertain about our choice of monohull. The ice maker and freezer made me green with envy, but it was reassuring to meet a boat with more mechanical issues than us.

The next playdate was well matched, two Brazilian boys about the same age, with the same energy levels. Rodriguez and Raquel started a year ago on a Fontaine Pajot 44, and plan for many more years. It looked like they have it sorted, although they said that the first three months was hell, now all was good. The kids were delightful. They home-schooled for 4-6 hrs a day, in english. Our tortuous 45 minutes suddenly doesn’t look so good. I cant imagine our boys suddenly transforming like that. They gave us loads of fishing tips, including using a ‘airplane’ – which looks exactly like a small wooden airplane with a line off the back. I have carved one, and Max is keen to get offshore.

Speaking of airplanes, there are tons of them here. Either the numerous underwater wrecks of 1980’s drug runners strewn all over the ocean bed, or toy seaplanes of the super-rich parked on the beach in front of the weekender. Today we dived down to a small plane in 5 metres of clear water near Bell Cay. The boys searched the wreckage for the drugs to no avail.  the current was horrendous, but we managed to convince the boys to move to a quieter piece of water.

Our next jump had to be timed as the Northeasters were returning. we had some forecast wild winds and had to get down to Georgetown to meet Auntie Andy. Choosing the window was tricky.

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