High Seas to George Town

A strong northerly front was predicted to hit us by Wednesday and if we didn’t make George Town by Monday we would then have to hole up behind an island for a week or so until things settled.  The pressure was on as Pete’s sister Andy was arriving on Thursday, ready to relax after having just run the Paris marathon and we were all looking forward to her visit.  We made good passage to Rat Cay for the first leg, however the next morning the wind had picked up.  With only a short trip to go to George Town, we waited for the right tide around 1pm before heading out the cut to the ocean side.  It looked choppy with some peaking waves, and we knew that we would be in for an exciting trip south!

Well, exciting may not be the best description – despite the actual height of the swells only being about 5-6 feet, it felt like we were looking at walls of waves 20 feet high.  All we could do was hold on and try not to get seasick.  Pete kept us entertained with jokes, and some Travacalm kept the kids from getting full blown seasick.  We were very happy to cross the bar into Elizabeth Harbour 4 hours later.  Definitely no fishing on this trip!

DSC_0007 (Small)

Entering Elizabeth Harbour – George Town

With just enough time to get washing done, clean sheets, a tidy boat and fresh food we were soon ready for Andy’s arrival.  Andy, on the other hand, was having travel woes of her own, with her flight from Paris to Miami diverted to Spain, a 600 km overnight bus trip, then Miami via New York.  Needless to say, she arrived a day later than expected, and very, very ready for her first Pina Colada.

DSC_0040_1 (Small)

Andy’s arrival

We’ve had a few requests for some interior shots of the boat. Well, here they are, in the minutes before Andy stepped aboard. Within hours, chaos returned – however it was so nice to have about half an hour without anyone on board and an almost tidy ship!

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