Hanging in Luperon

We’ve been here for 5 days now, and can see how 5 days can quickly turn into 5 years, after meeting up with quite a few gringo’s who arrived many years ago and have never left.  As one chap put it (an Eagles lover from the 70’s), we are now in Hotel Luperon – “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”.

We’ve filled out days here wandering around the town, taking trips in the local mini buses “guaguas”, which enable us to travel long distances very, very cheaply, admittedly packed in like sardines travelling at hair-raising speeds along narrow, pot-holed filled roads!  We decided against paying for a local taxi, in preference to really seeing the country from the perspective of the locals, and so far we’ve made it to our destinations without any issues.

A highlight of our trip so far was a day trip to the famous 27 waterfalls, 2 use rides and about an hour away.

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3 Responses to Hanging in Luperon

  1. Mary says:

    Sounds like you are having a really good time on your break from the boat! Tom looks as though he has really changed and grown taller. Can we have more close up photos of the boys?
    Miss you all have a nice day Mother’s Day this Sunday love to all!


  2. Louise Guy says:

    Great blogs and photos. I see Ben’s keeping his hat on so we won’t see that haircut! Tom looks so different! Looks AMAZING! Can’t wait to read more.


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