BVI’s to St Martin

Well, as always, we never end leaving when expected, due to either weather or repairs.  This time, our stay in Nanny Cay was extended due to both culprits – getting the fridge fixed (success) and waiting out the weather due to a potential hurricane, brewing off the coast of Africa.

Multiple times each day we would check out our favourite weather sites – the National Hurricane Centre and Hurricane Network, the latter a great site where locals on each of the main Caribbean Islands make comment about the forecasts.  Here’s an image of the weather and the related commentary that we were watching closely:

Weather (Medium)WeatherText (Medium)

As you can imagine, it was a bit concerning, although locals were all fairly reassuring, and many of the boaties I spoke with in the marina weren’t even checking the weather, due to it being so early in the season.  Fortunately, it eventually dissipated, thanks to the heavy sand blowing off the Sahara Desert would you believe!

As always we were happy to sit it our time in Nanny Cay marina – so, so many beautiful boats, it really reset the bar for what a large boat is, with 100 foot catamarans coming and going on a regular basis.

DSC_0440 (Medium)

We made friends with an English family – H, Chris, Harry and Lily. They had just arrived to take over their catamaran for an 18 month adventure, potentially sailing to Australia, and Tom and Harry hit it off (both being the same age).  We had lots of catch ups around the pool, and Harry even brought along his homework one day (despite being on holidays) just to join in the fun of boat schooling (ha ha!).  Our last night together was spent having the local cocktail – a PainKiller, on the beach whilst the kids played soccer, frisbee and batmington!

Eventually, and thankfully, the hurricane threat dissappeared and we headed off to explore more of the BVI.  We loved Norman Cay – best snorkling so far, with a couple of caves to explore and coral growing off the cliffs that surrounded the bay.  We then headed to the famous Baths, on Virgin Gouda – Pete has lots of photo’s as I left my camera at home that day.  The Baths are basically rock pools scattered amongst huge boulders, quite spectacular!

After the Baths, we then headed to the far end of Virgin Gouda – aptly named “The Bitter End”.  Wow, very pretty spot, with prices to match!

DSC_0447 (Medium)

The Bitter End Resort

DSC_0446 (Medium)

Saba Rock – a small resort and bar on a rocky island the size of a postage stamp

DSC_0449 (Medium)


DSC_0451 (Medium)

Saba Rock Resort

Weather was looking good for our last overnight sail, so we headed out on Tuesday 11th for an 80 nautical mile hope, waving to Richard Bransons Necker Island in the background, as we left the beautiful BVI’s for St Martin (finally!).

DSC_0458 (Medium)

Necker Island – Richard Bransons private resort in the background!

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