Picturesque Iles Des Saintes

Described as an irresistible groups of islands with idyllic Gallic charm, the anchorage of Bourg des Saintes, the main town, did not disappoint.  The locals here make their living from restaurants, souvenirs, and hiring out motorbike’s to the ferry loads of Guadeloupians that visit daily.  On Sunday afternoon when we arrived, the streets were teaming with them as they made their way at the end of the day back to the ferry.

DSC_0502 (Medium)DSC_0501 (Medium)

First job of the day was finding a laundromat, luckily it also doubled as the customs office and offered a service that washed, dried and folded (although more expensive it was quite a treat).


Pete having a rest after lugging the washing down the street, love the church

DSC_0513 (Medium)

Colourful shops and cobbled streets – very French!

Such a contrast – Billabong verses a local store, currently shut for lunch…….

Pete dragged us up the hill to visit Fort Napoleon, built in 1867. It was quite a steep climb, and we had a fair bit of drizzling rain on the way up much to Max’s dissatisfaction.  Once again, French hours got the better of us, as the Fort had just closed for the day (at noon).  We could see some of the beautiful plants that filled the interior of the fort, which had now been turned into a garden of cactuses and succulents, peeking over the top of the fort.  We also got to peek through the keyhole at the entrance to the fort – it had been restored and did look very interesting!  Another reason to come back someday.

We enjoyed a meal out at a local restaurant – expensive, and although nothing to rave about, a night off cooking and washing up is always welcome!

DSC_0522 (Medium)

Dinner and a glass of white wine, lovely mural on back wall very typical of the buildings in the town

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