During this time Max has made friends with a gang of kids from various boats sitting out the Hurricane Season, such as Utopia, Totem, Neptune, Flip Flops and so on.  He has been meeting them each afternoon,  loitering and ignoring parents as teenagers do. He actually volunteered to go on a walk and  joined them on a visit to the Seven Sisters Waterfall, which was great fun!


While we have been feeling very safe and snug in Grenada, we’ve been aware of the devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.  We feel  for all those affected. The locals have been the hardest hit, and many people will not be able to live as they did for decades to come, and deserve all the help they can get. We have also come across a few cruisers who have lost everything they own in these catastrophic storms.  Most of the boats destroyed would have been unattended and in supposedly safe havens, but some people either could not move, or bet on being missed, and they lost their homes. Some of the towns and bars we visited have been totally destroyed, and it will be many years before these islands get back on their feet again.  The local cruising community is rallying together to help out by sending food, fuel, clothing, water, and whilst everything helps, it will also take many millions of $$$.

Last week we took part in Grenada’s 1000th Hash House Harrier run, where all the proceeds of the event were going to the island of Dominica. Dominica started off pretty poor, and is now pretty much destroyed.  The boys and Janine planned to do the 2 km walk, but ended up doing run number 3 which was 4km. Pete set off on the 6 km run (although after a wrong turn that turned into a 8 km slog through the mud). We all still arrived back at roughly the same time.

The Kokoda trail and Tough Mudder are a doddle compared to the steepness and mud and bamboo of this Hash. There were lots of tears, complaints, and lost children, and that was all from the regular members, not us.  We had joined up with fellow aussies Vanessa (from Neptune) and Gold Coasters Andrew and Karen (from Utopia 2), and team Totem and their tribe!


It was an incredibly muddy event, and quite challenging for us all. After a few beers and some Oil Stew and fried chicken and listening to the very loud Soca, it all felt better.

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