Chased out of Martinique.

Pete: As the sun came up at 0530 the sea was for a little while flat and glassy. I had to take the sails mostly in, and motored as Mount Pelee, Martinique, loomed above, blocking the morning sun. A hundred feet away towards land I saw a dolphin break the silvery surface. Continue reading

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Only a couple of hours down the coast of Dominica the capital, Roseau, was definitely worth a short afternoon visit after we left Portsmith, and before we headed overnight to Martinique. Continue reading

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Dominica – Island Touring

We have been flying through the leeward islands, somewhat nervous that we needed to be out of the high risk hurricane zone by the end of July, so Dominica was also a very short stop for us.  Continue reading

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Picturesque Iles Des Saintes

Described as an irresistible groups of islands with idyllic Gallic charm, the anchorage of Bourg des Saintes, the main town, did not disappoint.  Continue reading

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A Short Stay in Guadeloupe

After guzzling down Tom’s birthday cake, we snuck out of English Harbour in the dark and set sail for Guadeloupe – some 40 miles away.  Continue reading

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Antigua – English Harbour and Tom’s Birthday

Weather seemed in our favour to have a smooth sail to Antigua without too much sailing with the wind on our nose, or so we thought!  With Montserrat looming to our right, and Antigua still a bit of a slog to our left, we made the decision to keep ploughing forward somewhat into the wind, adding a few extra hours on to our trip! Continue reading

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St Martin to St Barths

“Everything made of fibreglass works, all else not working”. This what the advert should have said. But i knew what i was getting. My last of more than 100 items is down to 20, and seems to be stuck there. Continue reading

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St Martin

Finally, French food at last!  After an unexpectedly horrible overnight trip we have now made it to the first French Caribbean island, St Martin.  Well, actually, only half the island is french, the other half is Sint Maarten – the dutch side. Continue reading

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BVI’s to St Martin

Well, as always, we never end leaving when expected, due to either weather or repairs.  This time, our stay in Nanny Cay was extended due to both culprits – getting the fridge fixed (success) and waiting out the weather due to a potential hurricane, brewing off the coast of Africa. Continue reading

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